-Based on a vintage 80's Flip Side Fashion, which was called "Like a Dream" back in the day, now paired to go perfectly with movie Director Anthony Julian (you'll be able to create awesome displays using her fab packaging as a background piece!);
-Instructions are provided to help turn the package in the the Eiffel Tower Diorama;
-Packaging created by Alain Tremblay, Doll by Vaughn Sawyers;
-The price of $149.99 announced above does not include California Sales tax, so the actual price at the show will be $162.00 tax included;

web_14065_CU.jpg web_14065_CU2.jpg web_14065_full2.jpg web_14065_full3.jpg web_14065_full_white_access.jpg web_14065_layout.jpg web_14065_pack_closed.jpg web_14065_pack_front.jpg web_14065_pack_open.jpg   



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